Wine: The ultimate guide to the world of wine André Dominé

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The times when good wine was the preserve of a social elite are, thankfully, well and truly past. 

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Nowadays, all wines are accessible to everyone, at least in principle, as even the most exclusive vintages can be sampled by anyone who is so inclined, either at one of the increasingly common tasting events, in one of the many tasting clubs that have been set up, or by buying a bottle with like-minded friends to discover together what the quality and character of a famous wine is all about.

Wine-both a cult and a cultural drink-has also become more egalitarian in that never before in its history has such a huge, high-quality range been available to so many people. The sheer number of different wines from which to choose offers consumers an interesting point for comparison. A semi-luxury item, wine differs from all other agricultural products in that its infinite varieties far outnumber even those of cheese. Whether vou simply follow your nose or are guided by information and advice received, you may well find that you have questions about wine and would like to know more. This book deals in detail with all aspects of the subject, including the best way to drink a particular bottle, its potential for cellaring, grape varieties and vineyards, harvesting and fermentation, methods of production and maturation, and the origins of wine, as well as individual countries and regions.

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